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"As an athlete it is really important to maintain ones body in order to maintain ones performance. Working with Mr Elmieh at his practise has kept me injury and pain free. His treatment has sorted and rectified ailments picked up during training and also as part of my lifestyle. He has been instrumental in treating problems before they become worse, often spotting issues for improvement and has provided me with knowledgeable advice service and aftercare. His range of orthodox and non orthodox treatments have helped me eradicate physical issues that have plagued me for many years which other physiotherapists have not been able to help me with. I would recommend Mr Elmieh's practise to anyone who needs help to eradicate painful injuries."

​Many thanks – Mr. PLA

"I have been a patient of Mr Elimieh's now for some time. His skills as a physiotherapist have helped me with many physical injuries related to my lifestyle. I have found Mr Elmieh to be very knowledgeable in diagnosing and treating injuries and problems using a large variety of skills and techniques that he possesses. The broad range of skills he possesses I feel are his real strengths, as there are allot of Physiotherapists out there but none with the breadth of skills knowledge and range of treatment options that I have yet found. His treatments have always delivered results for me, kept me injury and pain free and opened my eyes to adjustments in my lifestyle which have delivered great benefits in my physical condition."

Thank you – Mrs. CH

"Having suffered pain for two years since under going a lumpectomy and radiotherapy for breast cancer, I at last feel pain free. Your treatment and massage worked almost immediately and it has allowed me to return fully to activities such as dancing and gardening which I love to do. I would like to thank you and recommend your treatment to anyone suffering similar problems."

​Yours faithfully, ​Catherine C

The first treatment I had from Mr. Elmieh was in year 2000 when I was 80 years old. Over the years I have been confident that he would be able to ease or eradicate any aches or pains I might suffer from. For the last 12 years I have had a monthly maintenance treatment which has helped to keep my body agile, and I have now reached the great age of 92.
I have no hesitation in recommending his treatment to anyone I meet, who is suffering from muscular pain caused by use or circumstances, many of whom, I am sure, would endorse the excellence of his work.
Mrs. M. L.

Just wanted to say a big, big thank you.
Whilst I know my injury will probably never completely go away, I am now back running.
The course of treatment definitely had a positive effect but, more importantly, your advice and instructions have proved invaluable and has given me back the confidence to run outside after a gap of many months.  Being able to run outside again is like winning the lottery for me as it was something that I really missed and thought I would never be able to do again.

Once again, thank you.
Kind regards Ann

After struggling with awful back and hip pain from as early as 16 weeks in my pregnancy, I decided to try physiotherapy, although the midwife did not advise me either way. It was especially painful in bed and I was not getting any sleep so I had to try something to ease the pain.
I was recommended from a friend within the industry, Elmieh Physiotherapy Clinic as he had done a Masters degree specialising in pregnant women and the pelvic area so felt if anyone could help me it would be him.
After attending regular sessions over a period of 4 weeks the results were fantastic. The pain I had experienced in my hips and back was dramatically reduced and only flared up again when I started decorating the nursery! After another session with Mr Elmieh, once again the pain had gone (I left the decorating to the husband!).
I continued seeing Mr Elmieh once a month right up to being 36 weeks where he helped more with prevention than cure and also my circulation (arms, legs, ankles – I never got swollen ankles/legs).
I cannot recommend and thank Mr Elmieh and his magic hands enough, without him the whole pregnancy would have been a lot harder to cope with – painful, sleepless nights and unable to keep going like did (walking the dog etc right to the end).
Immediately after the birth of my beautiful son, my back is still pain free. I was not struggling to get around or holding onto my back as many mums were in the hospital!
I would recommend Mr Elmieh's practise to anyone who is pregnant and suffering with pain through pregnancy, you really don’t need to be. It is not just part of pregnancy as many would say!

Thank you, Mrs S

"I was recommended by a 90 year old friend (whose youthfulness and energy she puts down to regular visits to Mr Elmieh!) and I've been coming here ever since with various ailments, muscle sprain, tendonitis etc. He's a fantastic diagnostician and I totally trust him to treat whatever is wrong, appropriately. He uses his many disciplines - reflexology, acupuncture, laser treatments, podiatry etc wherever he feels it's needed. He also is a wonderful masseur - giving excellent therapeutic massage to relieve stress and strain! I can't recommend him highly enough!"
Hope this is acceptable
 Judith P

Dear Mehrdad,


Hope this finds you well. Could I please request if possible an appointment for my daughter Jade, on Thursday 4th February. 


I was personally a patient of yours in September 2014 suffering from restricted impingement of the right hip joint. Your treatment and pain management was very effective, ultimately your prognosis of me potentially requiring hip replacement was correct. I am now fully recovered from hip replacement surgery and have enjoyed over the last 15 months sporting activity. I was very grateful for your kindness and advice at the time, and treatment administered. 


My daughter is suffering from a very swollen right knee, which is starting to impact on her day to day routine, and training regime. I remember discussing my daughters knee issue when I was receiving my treatment. You kindly offered your services, and suggested she might benefit from orthotics. 

Clearly given her current situation, we need to revisit this for your advice and assessment.  


We look forward to hearing from you in due course.


Warmest regards 



I was recommended to Elmieh physiotherapy from a very satisfied client.


I have now been to see Mehrdad several times and the service has been excellent each time. They always fit me in at short notice and they get me back to fitness very quickly. No messing about to get as many sessions as possible.


I would thoroughly recommend them.


Paul B

I'd had pain in my knees for several years but this had been put on the `back-burner' to concentrate on other medical issues. The GP had said there was nothing to be done except take pain killers. Mr Elmieh was recommended to me, once I'd completed all other treatments and I am so pleased I took up that recommendation. After only six sessions, I am now pain free, but during treatment, Mehrdad has enlightened me on so many issues of my lifestyle that I cannot thank him enough. He is an amazing man with so much knowledge and expertise and I would not hesitate for a moment in recommending him to those who are suffering from pain. Thank you for everything.

Margaret E

I was recommended to Elmieh physiotherapy from a very satisfied client.


I have now been to see Mehrdad several times and the service has been excellent each time. They always fit me in at short notice and they get me back to fitness very quickly. No messing about to get as many sessions as possible.


I would thoroughly recommend them.


Paul B